Partner Highlight: The Urban League of Louisiana Brings GPRO to the Big Easy

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Through the City Energy Project, GPRO partnered with the Urban League of Louisiana (ULLA), whose mission is to provide business education, counseling, and access to resources to small businesses across Louisiana. Led by Klassi Duncan, Director of the Entrepreneurship Center, GPRO launched in New Orleans this summer as a part of ULLA’s goal to equip businesses with the tools needed to start, grow, and sustainably scale. To find out more about how training aligns with ULLA’s critical community development work, we asked Duncan to share her insights.

What is the green job market like in New Orleans?

Now more than ever, we have professionals that are solely dedicated to energy efficiency, water management, urban greening, green infrastructure, and other sustainability initiatives. The City of New Orleans has dedicated resources to focusing on green infrastructure and resilience projects. ULLA is part of the Regional Sustainability Committee that is led by LifeCity, an organization dedicated to creating a socially and environmentally sustainable economy. So, the green jobs market in New Orleans is growing, but we have much more to accomplish in this space. So much more! I’m just thrilled that, as a region, we are on our way and I’m excited to be a part of this effort. 

What is ULLA’s role in the high-performance building movement?

Our role is simple. As an organization, we are committed to contributing to economic development strategies that yield long-term benefits for generations to come in the State of Louisiana. With that, it is imperative that sustainability be at the forefront of our efforts. Our region is shifting towards the inclusion of best practices for a more resilient and more sustainable future. It is only a logical step for us to determine the best ways to support contractors and other professionals in creating more high-performing buildings. Hosting GPRO training across the State is just the beginning of our efforts.

Why is ULLA interested in adding GPRO as a resource for your community?

As an organization dedicated to a more sustainable region, we are deliberate in our efforts to offer trainings and resources for those entrepreneurs and professionals that understand the importance of creating more efficient and sustainable buildings. We are here to train and support those that “get it,” and to educate and encourage those that aren’t there yet.

Who are the types of local businesses and professionals you believe will benefit from GPRO Operations and Maintenance training in New Orleans?

GPRO training is a good fit for commercial contracting firms that integrate or plan to integrate more green building practices into their operations. The training is also for building operators, facilities managers, and other professionals who will play a role in establishing and maintaining high-performance buildings.

Thank you to Klassi Duncan and the Urban League of Louisiana for helping to bring GPRO to New Orleans and fostering sustainable building practices!