Weill Cornell Medicine Builds on Training with Individualized Coaching

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Two years ago, over 30 Weill Cornell Medicine staff completed GPRO Operations & Maintenance Essentials (O&M). But what’s happened since? Nearly 80 percent of GPRO students say that they’ll use at least one technique from the course in their everyday work, but Weill Cornell wants to take this notion a step further by understanding the barriers to implementing these practices.

Through NYSERDA funding, Urban Green Council has partnered with Weill Cornell to not only evaluate high-performance building practices, but to connect classroom concepts to specific, actionable change through comprehensive training and coaching. The end goal is to see how this new approach can lower energy use.

Weil Cornell’s Manhattan campus is sprawling and consists of over one million square feet of classrooms, dormitories, offices and laboratories. The operations and facilities teams are tasked with not only performing typical maintenance duties, but also adhering to strict medical facility and laboratory standards. Urban Green training and coaching is tailored to their unique needs.

Engaging directly with staff, supervisors, and members of the Weill Cornell Energy Team, the O&M Coach helps identify pain points and barriers to achieving efficiency. The support of a Coach enables staff to translate best practices into unique, individualized solutions and achievable tasks, such as installing an app to more efficiently allow facilities’ staff to log jobs in their iPads. The O&M Coach and the Energy Team are developing a training plan to identify long-term, annual skills development, as well as way to foster a culture of learning among all staff and supervisors.

While the Weill Cornell facilities team already integrates trainings into their professional development, the department is excited to add more sustainability-focused training to their docket. Michael Murphy, the Senior Director of Engineering & Maintenance, said, “One of our goals is to operate our facilities as efficiently as possible. To achieve this, we have to invest in our team and their continued professional development. GPRO skills training and coaching significantly helps us accomplish this goal.”