Find Out What's New with Fundamentals

As the building industry grows and evolves, we take great care to review and adapt our curriculum to encompass the latest and greatest in the field.  Our newest modifications have updated the most essential component of GPRO—Fundamentals of Building Green.

Fundamentals is the “part one” to every GPRO course, though it has always been robust enough to stand alone as an overview of green building for a broad audience. The new version is an exciting departure from how Fundamentals has been presented in the past, influenced by extensive feedback from both instructors and students.

What’s New:

  • The core of the course has remained the same, but it is now structured less around LEED and more around systems thinking—something that has historically been a resounding theme in all GPRO modules.

  • A shift toward high-performance. “Going green,” is a difficult goal to define, so instead we focus on a much more applicable concept: what it means to be a high-performance building.

  • Strengthening the ties between trade-specific elements and the system as a whole. Fundamentals is ideal for experienced building professionals and anyone interested in learning more about the green building industry.
    Practice questions to use in preparation for the final exam. This new learning tool was created as a means to provide additional support for students as they study for their certificate exam.

We hope that you're impressed with the new version of Fundamentals and, as always, please feel free to provide us with feedback—we will be sure to consider it in our next round of updates!