GPRO Highlight: Winslow Harrington


GPRO Certificate Holder Winslow Harrington has transformed energy use at Manhattan’s Public Theater since completing GPRO Operations & Maintenance Essentials in 2016. As the Chief Building Engineer, Harrington reduced energy use by 31.5 percent and saved $108,000 in just one year by implementing low-cost and no-cost operations strategies from the course. By understanding relationships among the interconnected systems in his building, Harrington identified sources of energy waste and cut costs by swapping older bulbs for LEDs, installing occupancy motion sensors, and closely monitoring chiller efficiency.

The most important lesson from GPRO, Harrington said, is that individuals can make significant impacts—both environmental and financial—by thinking critically about O&M practices and changing inefficient behaviors. Harrington proudly wears his GPRO patches on his uniform every day as a reminder of the skills that have not only saved his building money, but also helped him to secure two promotions in three years. Congratulations to Harrington and his team! We are thrilled to see GPRO certificate holders in action and making a difference.