Partner Highlight: Meet the Insulators of Local 5

The Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Union have long been a proponent of energy conservation. Historically known as “Energy Conservation Specialists,” insulators work to ensure that the best insulation is properly affixed to mechanical systems. The Joint Apprenticeship Trust Local 5 in California has brought added value to their members by partnering with Urban Green to deliver GPRO training.  

With two GPRO Certified Instructors on staff, along with a partnership with the Los Angeles Conservation Corps (LACC), Local 5 has trained over 100 students on GPRO Fundamentals. Their relationship with LACC has enabled Local 5 to provide training not only to its members, but also to the extended Los Angeles community. This training connects pre-apprenticeship students to workforce opportunities within the trades.

LACC’s mission to support job-seekers and conserve the environment fits seamlessly with what Local 5 and GPRO have to offer. GPRO helps students understand how their current or prospective work as tradespeople is directly connected to making homes and offices more sustainable. “GPRO helps our students better understand global warming at its current stage and what would happen if we do nothing,” says Local 5 Instructor and Training Director, Guadalupe “Lupe” Moreno.  

In GPRO Fundamentals, students leave the classroom understanding the real-life implications of “reduce, reuse, and recycle” and the importance of the integrated design process. According to Lupe, GPRO emphasizes quality work and craftsmanship and how that connects to efficiency, comfort and health. It all comes full circle to what it means to be an “Energy Conservation Specialist.”

And the feedback has been very positive: Students value the GPRO course materials, the active engagement of the class, and the relevance of the course topics. As a result, Local 5, along with LACC, continues to be a leading workforce development resource for their community and GPRO champions as well.