Instructors Share Hot Tips for a Cool Summer

Summertime. The living should be easy as long as building professionals are ready for the season. An HVAC check-up will ensure a smooth transition into the warmer months, no matter where you live. This month, we checked in with GPRO Instructors from different regions of North America to get advice on preventive maintenance measures for the building community:

  • Linda Baynham, New Orleans, LA
     “Change filters in all HVAC systems in anticipation of summer but have a plan to do this year-round. Ensure that Building Automation Systems are set for the correct hours of operation to keep buildings cool when occupied in the summer but not running when unoccupied.”

  • Oliver Holmes, Syracuse, NY
    “Maintenance teams should be checking the refrigerant levels in all their air conditioning equipment to ensure that they do not become overloaded due to improper levels. Cooling towers should be cleaned, and appropriate water treatment should be in place.”

  •  Matt Brown, Denver, CO
    “Summer is just around the corner on the front range of the Rockies, which means cottonwood trees will start producing large clumps of seeds that become airborne and clog up your filters much faster than other times of the year. I suggest operators temporarily increase the frequency of visual inspections and filter replacements on your rooftop units and outside air intakes before the airflow reduction leads to costly emergency services calls.” 

  • Dan Shelley, Toronto, ON
    “To keep buildings running efficiently and productively, building owners should have their A/C system serviced. These systems, when not maintained, always seem to fail on the hottest of days when we need them the most. Installing smart thermostats and programming the HVAC system around building needs, along with dimmer and motion sensors for lighting will mitigate excessive energy usage. Additionally, plant some shade trees. Planting large shady trees will cool the building and help clean the air. This will also encourage occupants to spend time outdoors. Most importantly enjoy the nice weather and stay safe!”

Whichever region you are in, completing seasonal preventive maintenance will make occupants happier and lighten the workload for building professionals long-term.

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