• Deal with distractions, but don't embarrass students.
  • If someone takes a call, ask them to step outside.
  • If there's a side conversation, ask them if there's something worth adding to the class.
  • If chaos breaks out, be loud to get everyone's attention, but stay calm. It may be time to call for a break.


  • The talkative one: keep them in check. Put their comments on hold and come back to them.
  • The shy one: call on them occasionally.
  • The field guy (experienced students): take this as a learning opportunity. Start a dialogue with experienced students and validate their points. Make sure to tell them that GPRO is about better ways for the trades to go about their jobs today, and how we'll do our jobs in the future. GPRO identifies new obstacles, and that's part of the evolution of the industry.


  • If multiple students want to talk at the same time, take control and identify the order of turns.
  • Use the "first in, first out" method to manage one student at a time.
  • Go back to someone if you forgot them.