1. How is GPRO different from other green building training?

The lion’s share of sustainability education was created for architects and designers. GPRO is the leading program for teaching the people who actually build, renovate and maintain buildings the principles of sustainability combined with techniques they can use on the job the very next day. This knowledge enables participants to implement leading-edge practices that reduce energy and water use and waste and make buildings healthier and safer for occupants.

2. What are the key benefits of GPRO?

Participants will be prepared to meet the expectations of owners and tenants who want healthier, environmentally sustainable, energy-efficient homes and offices.  GPRO covers the “green gap” between standard trade skills and the new awareness and skills required to successfully implement green building.

3. Are there any prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites to take GPRO; however, all courses assume prior knowledge in the respective trade, except GPRO Fundamentals of Building Green, which is appropriate for a range of audiences.

4. Where are courses offered?

GPRO is available through our partners, which are located throughout the United States and Canada. You can find out more about Delivery Partners here. If you don’t see a course offered in your area, contact Urban Green Council for other options.

5. What are the steps for attaining a GPRO Certificate?

  1. Candidates must be present for the entire GPRO course to qualify to take the Certificate exam.

  2. Once attendance is verified, candidates take a multiple-choice exam that tests their knowledge of the material.

  3. Candidates with a passing score of 70 percent or higher become GPRO Certificate Holders.

6. What does the GPRO Certificate signify?

Students who earn a GPRO Certificate have an industry-recognized credential that demonstrates their knowledge of the most current sustainability best practices. Urban Green Council maintains a database of student records to verify the credential(s) of any GPRO certificate holder by an employer or similar entity. In addition, only certificate holders are entitled to purchase low-cost GPRO materials including hard hat stickers, patches, and wallet cards. 

7. What are the requirements to become a GPRO instructor?

GPRO instructors must have a minimum of five years’ professional experience in the field of the GPRO course they would like to teach. To find out more, please contact us

8. Are GBCI credits or AIA CEUs available for GPRO courses?

Yes, GBCI and AIA credits are available for all GPRO courses. Please visit each module page for more information on how many credits are available. 

9. Is GPRO an “Approved Certifying Body” for New York City’s Department of Buildings’ Sustainable Contractor Designation Program