In GPRO Fundamentals of Building Green (FUND), you will learn how to see buildings differently and understand the strategies that make them efficient, healthy and resilient.

GPRO Fundamentals is designed for a range of real estate, construction, architecture and engineering professionals.

This course is ideal for anyone who needs a better understanding of high-performance building, including:

  • Sales or administrative staff who work in real estate, construction, architecture or engineering.

  • Workforce development providers

  • Facilities and operations support staff

  • College students interested in entering the building and construction industry

This certificate course runs four to six hours depending on the audience. It can be scheduled to meet the needs of your organization and includes the GPRO exam session.



  • How reducing building energy will reduce the effects of climate change

  • Basic elements of green, high-performance construction and building operations

  • Roles of trades on high-performance job sites

  • Energy-consuming building systems and some strategies to reduce building energy use


GPRO Fundamentals qualifies for 4 AIA and GBCI CE Credits.
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