• If more than 80% of the expected students are in class at the scheduled start time, start.
  • If not, at the scheduled start time let the students know it's time to start, but you will wait a few minutes for additional students to show up.
  • Regardless of how many students show up in the minutes to follow, start within 5 minutes.


  • You need to manage your time carefully for every class.
  • Depending on the audience, you may want to spend more time on certain topics.
  • Set up some milestones for yourself to teach a certain number of slides, and check your progress every hour.
  • Don't skip breaks: no more than 90 minutes without a break in the morning, and no more than 75 minutes in the afternoon.
  • Take 10 minute breaks and show a countdown on the screen. Then, start on time.
  • Don't go overtime: finish everything within 5-10 minutes of the scheduled end time.
  • Use a timer if necessary.