• Ask them questions!
  • See if they retained information with closed-ended questions.
  • Have them paraphrase to make them think a little more.
  • Ask open-ended questions to start a discussion ("why" and "how" questions).
  • If you're having trouble getting them to open up, start with a string of closed-ended questions and expand to an open-ended question.
  • Keep students on their toes by tossing around a bean bag.


  • Face your students, not the screen.
  • Make eye contact with everyone.
  • Speak clearly.
  • Minimize reading slides aloud: paraphrase and expand on the information.
  • Use the students' names.
  • Move around the room.
  • If they start looking tired, have them stand in place and stretch for 15 seconds.
  • Run drills: make everyone say aloud what you want them to learn (e.g., repeating "reduce, reuse, recycle").


  • Have volunteers come up to the screen to help you out.
  • Use handouts and have students work in pairs.
  • Make sure to plan ahead for both of these techniques.


  • Misspeak a few times, and encourage students to correct you.
  • This will cause students to listen more intently.