Buildings are major consumers of natural resources in the U.S., accounting for 47 percent of energy and 13 percent of water use. So it’s not surprising that green building techniques are increasingly important for facilities and construction staff across the country. 

A green building is a high-performance building. Per the 2017 National Green Building Adoption Index, the percentage of commercial office space that’s LEED or ENERGY STAR certified is now 38 percent across 30 office markets in the U.S. (up from only five percent in 2005).

And there’s more rigorous standards at the forefront, such as Local Law 97 in New York City and Title 24 in California. The former sets carbon emissions caps in large buildings, and the latter sets the stage for net zero energy homes by 2020. Beyond California, the market for net zero building construction in North America alone is projected to increase annually at a rate of 38 percent through 2035.

To function as designed, high-performance buildings must be constructed and managed by trades and facilities personnel who know how to meet these performance standards. GPRO is North America’s leading certificate program that teaches trades and operations professionals about building and maintaining high-performance buildings. 

GPRO materials are flexible and can accommodate many building types and regions. Does your organization have a specialized training need related to high performance building? Urban Green Council can create and deliver custom training options. Contact us to find out more.